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Welcome to EVCO Gelological Supply

Advancements in World Geological Supply

EVCO Plastics, Geological Supply Division, has produced a new line of Core Boxes and Core Chocks.  These products are made of durable plastic that hold up under all weather conditions. 

Core Box (shown with inserts)

EVCO Geological Supply Core Box

This newly designed Core Box is made of co-polymer polypropylene that provides superior performance. The Core Box will hold up under all weather conditions and is ideal for outdoor and underground usage. Patent Pending. »More Details

Core Chock

EVCO Geological Supply Core Chock

This newly designed Core Chock provides for ease of use and it accepts more information in the form of written or bar code. The Core Chock is designed to fit into the new Core Box. Patent #D557297. »More Details

Chip Box

EVCO Geological Supply Chip Box

This new innovative Chip Box has 20 compartments and is designed to prevent chip contamination between the individual compartments.
»More Details

Tailing Pond Ball

EVCO Geological Supply Tailing Pond Ball

Tailing Pond Balls float on the surface of open ponds to prevent waterfowl from landing. Actual Size: 4-1/2" Diameter. »More Details

The Golden Lab

EVCO Geological Supply Gold Pan

The Golden Lab is a newly designed Gold Pan prototype that is ideal for gold prospecting. »More Details

Rubber Bands

EVCO Geological Supply Rubber Bands

These Rubber Bands are best used with the EVCO Core Boxes during transitional periods between the drill rig and the core storage shack. »More Details

EVCO Rock Box

EVCO Geological Supply Rock Box

This new 8” x 8” Rock Box is the perfect size for storing a suite of geological samples from field trips or mine tours. »More Details

Chip Box Holder

EVCO Geological Supply Chip Box Holder

Locks the Chip Box in place so there is no spillage or loss of chips. »More Details

Solar Hat

EVCO Geological Supply Solar Hat

This new solar powered hat offers free light from the sun and will never need batteries. »More Details