EVCO Geological Supply - Chip Box

Chip Box - Additional Information

This new innovative Chip Box has 20 compartments and is designed to prevent chip contamination between the individual compartments. The design of this new Chip Box is unique because it features radiused corners for ease of removal of chips.

  • Prevents Chip Contamination
  • Secure Snap-Lock Lid
  • UV and Weather Resistant
  • 20 Compartments
  • Easy to Write On
  • Radiused Corners

Size of Box: 20.56"L x 2.33"W x 1.38"H

Metric Size of Box: 0.523m x 0.060m x 0.036m

Size of Each Compartment: 0.95"L x 2.0"W x 1.23"H

Metric Size of Compartment: 0.024m x 0.051m x 0.031m

Please contact us for a quote if you are interested in Chip Boxes.

Patent #612894