EVCO Geological Supply Products

Core Boxes


This newly designed Core Box is made of co-polymer polypropylene that provides superior performance. 

Core Chocks


The Core Chocks provide for ease of use and they accept information in the form of written or bar code. They are designed to fit the Core Boxes. 

Chip Boxes


This new Chip Box has 20 compartments and is designed to prevent chip contamination between the individual compartments.

Gold Pans


The Goldstrike Gold Pan is ideal for gold prospecting.

Tailing Pond Ball


Tailing Pond Balls float on the surface of open ponds to prevent waterfowl from landing. 

Actual Size: 4-1/2" Diameter

Chip Box Holder


The Chip Box Holder locks the Chip Box in place so there is no spillage or loss of chips.