EVCO Geological Supply - Core box

Core Box - Additional Information

This newly designed Core Box is made of co-polymer polypropylene that provides superior performance. The Core Box will hold up under all weather conditions and is ideal for outdoor and underground usage. This Core Box provides the best protection and ease of use.

EVCO Core Box Advantages:

  • UV and Weather Resistant
  • Easy to Use – No Assembly
  • Easy to Write On
  • Accepts Bar Coding
  • Reduction in Storage Space
  • Strong and Stackable with Interlocking Design
  • Reusable / Washable
  • Rodent Resistant
  • Snap Fit / Secure Covers
  • Private Labeling Available
  • N(2") and H(2.5") Sizes Available - Each Box Holds 10 Feet of Core

EVCO has designed a storage Core Box that is made of sturdy, yet lightweight plastic material. This Core Box provides stable stacking and can withstand the weight of several boxes full of cores stacked on its top. Since it is made of plastic material, the Core Box will hold up under freezing conditions and it has a UV inhibitor to withstand sunlight. A lid comes with each Core Box that is easily removed. This new Core Box provides the best protection and is easy to transport.

Core Box Sizes:

  • H(2.5") Box & Lid: 25-3/8" L x 14-5/8" W x 3-1/8" H (3" stack height), weight: 3.14 lb
    • Metric Size: 0.645m x 0.372m x 0.080m (0.077m stack height), weight = 1.427kb
  • N(2") box & lid: 25-3/8" L x 12" W x 2-5/8" H (2.5" stack height), weight: 2.58 lb
    • Metric Size: 0.645m x 0.305m x 0.067m (0.064m stack height), weight = 1.173kg

Please contact us for a quote on plastic core boxes.

Patent #D593,325